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The curry paste and sauces are made from scratch, and the restaurant focuses on maintaining the food’s authentic Thai taste.The King and I is famous for its Chicken Satay, Thai Ravioli, Papaya salad, and many other dishes. The King and I can seat more than 175 people in the main dining area.It provides a nice finish to any meal since the custard is not too sweet or filling. Diners will be greeted emphatically at the door and servers are not shy about making recommendations, should this be a first Thai experience.They will even go so far as to make wine-pairing suggestions to ensure a pleasant tasting adventure.The King and I has also participated in Dining Out for Life, a fund-raise that donates part of the restaurant’s profit to AIDS research. Prapaisilp, the main proprietor of the restaurant was recognized by then Attorney General Janet Reno for being one of the first restaurants to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act.Local projects that the King and I is involved in are the Dog Parade and Pride Fest, in the St.

The restaurant prides itself in introducing and expanding people’s knowledge of Thai cuisine.

Apart from serving delicious food, the restaurant is also focused on its social responsibility to the community.

The King and I is a member of the South Grand Development District whose aims are to build up the South Grand community.

The staff at Cattleya truly knows what they are talking about.

A member of the Cattleya family is one of George Mason University’s own and will be seen passing around menu’s on campus.

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