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Weather camera of the famous and old city of Maastricht which is located in the southern of Netherlands.

These images are obtained through a web camera from the weather station of the region of South...

Two years down the line they are enjoying the city, apart from the non-existent summers.

Tracey Chalmers is a British expat living in Breda with her husband, aka Mr Sunshine, and their beloved Tibetan terrier, Alfie.

Tiffany Jansen recently moved to the Netherlands after marrying her Dutch husband.

Her father is a pilot for Delta Airlines, so she’s lived in places like Japan, Greece and Germany before high school. Hampton, Ph D, left the USA for England to take a business degree at the University of Cambridge.

We'd love to hear about your expat experiences.She enjoys the city's tolerant attitude and good public transport links.Read more about her expat experience in the Netherlands.Once completed, he took a corporate expat assignment in the Netherlands.He then left corporate to start his own businesses one year ago in the Netherlands.

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