Dating nypd officer

Working alongside French officers at the Paris Police Prefecture, they interrogated a Congolese-Frenchman, Marien Theophile Mbossa Kargu, who had shared an apartment with Guzzardi in Brooklyn during the last week of his life.

Kargu had drawn suspicion after he falsely told friends that Guzzardi had died in the Twin Towers. The detectives gave her coffee, food, soda, and cigarettes, but she wouldn’t talk. “She is tired and wants to get it over with.” She confessed that her boyfriend, who was angry at Guzzardi for giving her cocaine, had inadvertently killed him in a fistfight while she was at the laundromat.

He enrolled at the training academy for the New York City Police Department, which was seeking Arabic speakers. He became an officer in July, 2002, at the age of thirty-five. He was promoted from monitoring traffic at the foot of the Manhattan Bridge to translating and transcribing wiretaps, and then to the vice team.For nine hours, Kargu insisted that he knew nothing about his roommate’s death. After three hours, Hadid tried what he called his “last resort,” focussing on , an Arabic word for the love a mother feels for her child. “If you tell me exactly what happened, I promise you are going to spend tonight with your son.” She started crying and asked for another cigarette. When she returned to their apartment, Kargu was on his knees, sobbing. As soon as Kargu learned that his girlfriend had given him up, he confessed, too.The next day, the detectives interviewed Kargu’s girlfriend, Leïla Grison, who had lived in Brooklyn with Kargu and Guzzardi. Hadid told her in French that he, too, was Algerian. He said that he had tried CPR and then contemplated calling the police, but his “mind went in circles.” He said, “The fact of being black and to have caused the death of a white man—this created a panic inside of me.” He wrapped Guzzardi in a garbage bag and then dropped the bag in a dumpster. After the confessions, Hadid and the detectives stepped out of the interrogation room and hugged one another.Two marines on his company’s boat had been assassinated by Islamist insurgents, and he no longer felt safe in the shipping industry.He didn’t know English, but he said that “it sounded like music to me: the rhythm, the way they pronounce the ‘h’ sound using their throats.”A week after arriving in America, Hadid, who was Muslim, met Jean-Baptiste at her parents’ home.

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