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A person who is insecure finds difficulty in many aspects of life.

Since most people are insecure, a person who is secure has power and influence over others; even if they are not otherwise powerful. It often comes with age and wisdom (although some people never find it).

Extreme insecurity is usually marked by an obsession with gaining the approval of other people.

This level of self-doubt is extremely destructive to a person’s life and is often the root of almost all their problems.

As children, we get our emotional energy from our parents; just like we get food, water, and shelter.

Conversely, a person who has learned to create their own energy is free to give the excess to other people.I read one of the most eloquent explanations of why people behave the way they do in a book called The Celestine Prophesy by James Redfield.It’s a fictional adventure that tries to explain a few things about reality.If they disagree with the criticism, they don’t try to argue because they’re happy with who they are. They fill every void with meaningless chatter, almost to avoid having to reflect on themselves.They’re comfortable enough to be themselves, even if other people don’t like it. The unfortunate consequence is the annoyance of everyone around them, who secretly look for an escape.

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