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After my father's passing in 2009, things got even worse between us...Listening to this song always helped to inspire me to rise above her and her abuse and survive her ways.

Stick to your own beliefs because those are the only ones that matter.

It has all of these people talking about it and discussing it's virtues and merit! I am dyslexic and have an EXTREMELY successful, powerful mother that I could NEVER measure up to her . Gender identity is a state of being and cannot be explained without further studies (Each year, new studies confirm the brain differences between male and female is found in the brain, with a female-to-male person actually possessing chemical measurements consistent with a male brain, and vice versa.) The song is sad.

She always said I wasn't trying in school and if I wanted good grades I would buckle down and JUST DO IT.... But it has a particular strength -- and a stubborn insistence (through repitition.

I think the lyrics from this perspective are beautifully written and the music that is paired,felt.

"Violence" I believe is what the daughter feels internally-often chaos and confusion-not being able to understand.

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