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Review the background documents and complete the feedback forms at the end.For more information about included topics, please read our full news release.Although these guns are likely to be well-worn, they still could have considerable value as collector’s pieces, inexpensive shooting irons, and workpieces for customization.More details on the bill, and comments made by its sponser Rep.Finally, condominium managers in Alberta will be licensed and regulated by the Real Estate Council of Alberta.For more information about the project to establish licensing for Alberta’s condominium management industry, please visit RECA's Condominium Manager Regulation.The text of Section 1064 of the 2018 NDAA is as follows: Subject to paragraph (2), the Secretary may transfer” and inserting “The Secretary shall transfer”; (2) by striking “The Secretary shall determine a reasonable schedule for the transfer of such surplus pistols.”; and (3) by striking paragraph (2).(b) Although the 2016 NDAA allowed for the release of 10,000 M1911 handguns via a pilot program, its provisions did not mandate their transfer to the CMP, and the administration at the time reportedly blocked their release.

The new bill would overwrite the 2016 NDAA, which allowed for the release of 10,000 of the pistols, but did not mandate it.However, the regulatory work required to bring more than 50 amendments into force is ongoing.It’s important to get this legislation right for the hundreds of thousands of current and future Alberta condo owners.Completed forms can be submitted by mail or email to [email protected] outcomes of engagement will support the development of modern fair laws for condominium owners, developers, condominium managers, condominium corporations and others.

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