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Taken over by Glen Oak in February, 1929, the Gun Club would become one of the most modern Gun Club accommodations in the area.

Built in 1939, the original swimming pool took only 70 days to constructfrom the time ground was broken to the day it was opened at a cost of ,500.

Pinky evokes the spirit and history of the Club as well as the Clubs commitment to a thriving caddie program and walking golf.

In the early 1920s, a Gun Club was organized and operated as a separate enterprise.

Glen Oak took over the assets of the Gun Club in 1929. In 2011, Glen Oak Country Club celebrated an important milestone100 years!

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The railroad is long gone, but the stone remnants of Glen Oaks depot entrance remain and can be seen near the ninth hole tee box.Renowned for its impeccable condition and the speed of the greens, the scenic golf experience at Glen Oak is challenging, exciting and truly memorable.Get in the Game Glen Oak strives to be a club that todays active families can enjoy.The barn shown to the left of the old house (the Clubhouse) was the original Men's Locker Room with unheated showers. The Pinky statue has a prominent location at the Clubs main entrance.Constructed in 1929, the statue is named after one of the most popular and capable caddies (nicknamed Pinky because of his ruddy complexion).

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