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Another improvement: instead of the usual post-production bolt-on trigger guard, the MCX’s glove-friendly trigger guard is molded into the receiver. The MCX’s trigger is a whole lot less than wonderful (i.e. It’s heavier than a sumo wrestler carrying a small Toyota.Creepier than finding a sad clown doll in the back of your car. I’ve said it before (which not-so-coincidentally rhymes with Tavor): an awful trigger can ruin a good gun. When you can’t get a proper trigger pull, it’s impossible to achieve a rifle’s maximum accuracy.Barrel changes are easier than coming-up with a metaphor for something easy. That’s not good; it can become uncontrollable and cause excessive wear on the operating bits.With the hand guard removed, you lock the MCX’s bolt to the rear and unscrew two hex screws on the side of the chamber. The MCX has an adjustable gas system that changes the amount of gas being sent to the piston, controlling the cycle rate.A silencer that doesn’t stay put will have an enormous impact on a firearm’s accuracy.If you don’t have a SIG SAUER silencer or compatible device, no worries — the design works with all existing 90 degree shoulder mounting devices.

I’ve been watching the SIG SAUER MCX come together for well over two years, from the first prototypes to the finished product. The weight savings is significant; an unloaded MCX tips the sales at a scant six pounds.Unlike the SIG SAUER MPX, the MCX’s bolt release is only available on one side of the gun.It isn’t a deal breaker but it’s a design feature I really liked on the MPX.For those who want the proper MCX experience they’re roomy enough to slide a silencer underneath. SIG’s replaced them with a short stroke gas piston and a compact recoil system contained completely within the upper receiver.Those seeking quick barrel changes or access to the gas system for maintenance will be pleased to discover that the MCX’s hand guards detach more quickly than a lectured teenager. While the SIG SAUER MCX kinda looks like a standard AR-15, there’s one major difference: it’s gas piston operated. To provide the force necessary to stop the bolt carrier’s rearward movement and return it to battery after each round, the MCX features a pair of recoil springs directly attached to the bolt carrier.

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