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As you will be able to see to both read and drive due to your first cataract operation, you will have to wait for your second cataract to deteriorate to the point that it affects your driving and reading in order to reach the threshold for treatment in that eye.

The most important reason to have cataract surgery privately is to be able to choose your surgeon.

Certain factors increase the risk of capsule rupture, but these should all be evident prior to starting the surgery. In the UK the average posterior capsule rupture rate was 2.7% in 2003, and 1.92% in 2009.

A good cataract surgeon, when operating on a straightforward cataract with no additional risks, should have an audited rate of 0.5% or less.

Some patients with early cataracts in both eyes, or who have good vision in one eye following successful cataract surgery and only an early cataract in their other eye, may not meet the clinical threshold for cataract surgery, even though they may have some mild visual symptoms.

These patients will not be referred for NHS cataract surgery until they reach the threshold.

They will then take into account the level of vision in both eyes and what impact your cataracts are having on everyday tasks such as your ability to drive, work, read and carry out tasks of daily living.

These criteria are assessed to determine the most appropriate time to refer you for surgery.

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The options include changing the position of the main port into the cornea, separate partial thickness cuts into your cornea, post operative refractive laser surgery and the insertion of special toric intra-ocular lenses.

When you have your cataract removed your natural lens needs to be replaced with an artificial lens.

These artificial lenses come in many different powers such that a lens can be chosen to take into account your current need for spectacles and correct that need.

The average surgeon induced complication rate reduces from 10% to 2% over the time of training.

Every consultant should have a constant rolling audit of their cataract results using a software package such as Medisoft.

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