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This correct locker is along the back corridor that runs parallel to the entrance corridor, along the upper row. Blake, keep reasoning and convincing Nathaniel to surrender until Lt. This even includes the part when Nathaniel makes one final surprise turn.For the Origami Killer's first trial (driving against traffic), make a perfect string of inputs, with zero errors.

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The disinfectant and the iron rod aren't required for this trophy, but using them anyway is a fun way to make Ethan scream and groan some more.Get held up by the robber (by drawing his attention), make enough calming-type choices without ever angering him, and choose the "Drop Weapon" choice as soon as it becomes available.(By default, keep picking the X Button choices.) Instead of going out through the front door into the throng of reporters, go out to the backyard, climb over the fence to the neighbor's backyard, walk through the alleyway, and then get into the car.Before the cops come, help him out to the alleyway, weave between the stopped cars on the street.Enter the subway station, go past the side toll counters (not the central ones with the warning boards), squeeze down along the escalator, and then drop down and cut across the subway tracks.

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